You've never seen your ad account so dialed in.

BIGBrain™ is ECG’s proprietary machine learning neural engine which, over time, and in conjunction with AdSignal™, learns how to optimize an ad account for performance metrics like ROAS and acquisition costs.

These optimizations factor in over 57 on and off-platform metrics such as: time of day, day of week, historical cyclical performance, CPMs, audience size, demographics, ad quality, interests, CTR, ad frequency, engagement rate, time-spent-on-page, bounce rate, and conversion rates.

The best part, is BIGBrain™ evolves alongside your brand. It intelligently expands and contracts to fit both long and short term goals.

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It's like having someone monitor your account, 24/7/365 and sleeping, taking a day off, or even blinking.

Unlike other, dumb rule-based solutions, BIGBrain™ is smart. Like, really smart.


BIGBrain™ works to continuously optimize your campaigns, ad sets, and ads to take advantage of scaling opportunities and preserve budget when overspending is indicated.


Creating ad variations at scale is the tip of the iceberg - BIGBrain™ not only allows for the creation of hundreds of ad variations, but analyzes each individual component against each unique audience to highlight winners.

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Budget Allocation

Nothing is more upsetting than leaving money on the table. Yet it happens all the time. Never again will a stellar day be capped by budgets. BIGBrain™ intelligently adjusts budgets when ROAS is stellar.

Strategy Pivots

Automated bid testing, audience testing, and creative matchups are the heart of BIGBrain™. The perfect combination of those three variables is discovered automatically without wasting ad spend.

Results. The only thing that matters.

BIGBrain™ is transforming ad account performance.

Something magical happens when you deploy a technology that makes intelligent media buying decisions. Especially when it's supplemented with solid strategy and innovative ideas.

The results speak for themselves.

The outcomes were taken from a 60-day study of 17 ad accounts (across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google, and Amazon), spend ranging from $100 - $10,000/day, and compared results from identical campaigns that were launched without the help of BIGBrain™.

Experience The Difference
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1. Lower Blended CPMs

CPMs across all funnel segments were, on average, 34% lower than ads launched without BIGBrain™.

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2. Higher CTRs

Clickthrough Rates were 43% higher on BIGBrain™ campaigns.

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3. Better Acquisition Costs

Acquisition costs across all funnel segments were reduced by 37%.

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4. ROAS Doubled

ROAS more than doubled, returning a 117% increase in ROI compared to non-BIGBrain™ ads.

Featured Case Studies

Have a sec? You'll want to read the client results.

Your agency isn't using BIGBrain™, and it shows.

Real Clients. Real Results.

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"The results speak for themselves"

This review is incredibly easy to leave. Working with ECG has shown us what a good advertising agency looks like. My team is personable, on top of things, and wildly talented. Taking a look at our ad account before we started working with ECG and after they took over, well the results speak for themselves.

Shelly Atkinson
CEO of T3Gear

"We couldn't be happier"

When we hired ECG to take over our advertising, we were in a really bad place. Our previous agency were consistently underperforming and blamed everything on creative and iOS issues. Since working with ECG we've seen an incredible lift in performance -- using the same creatives, mind you -- and we couldn't be happier.

Caroline MacDougall
CEO of Teeccino

"Nothing short of incredible"

These guys are the real deal. There's no other way to put it. Daniel and his team are nothing short of incredible; always going the extra mile. They have truly become an indispensable addition to our marketing efforts.

Jeff Snyder
Director of eCommerce, iFixit
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