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Amazon Ads that'll keep your competitors up at night.

Optimize your Amazon ad spend to maximize category market share. Most brands implement a basic Sponsored Ads campaign strategy that is often not adequately optimized, leading to an acceptable ROAS with a flat or declining top line. These strategies are rarely tailored to be vertical-specific, leading to wasted ad spend and misaligned targeting.

We take a fresh approach to your campaign and bidding strategy to ensure your Sponsored Ads investment significantly impacts sales, using proven playbooks designed for success.

By combining Amazon DSP with Sponsored Ads, we help brands reach audiences on and off Amazon to increase conversion, consideration, and awareness of a best selling, growing, emerging, or new product. Treating Amazon Advertising as one channel is crucial for success.

Leveraging a combination of proprietary tools - AdSignal™, BigBrain™, and The Playground™ we build a full-funnel, revenue-generating advertising strategy that optimizes the media buy, creative, and on-site experience.

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Our Approach to Amazon Ads

The intersection between experience, data science, and stellar creatives.

Sponsored Products

Our unique approach to Sponsored Products includes building out Research and Scaling campaigns that include both Auto and Manual campaigns. Doing so allows us to cost-effectively identify profitable search queries which are then moved into a scaling phase.

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Sponsored Brands

It's no longer sufficient to just run Sponsored Display ads. These campaigns need to have a well thought out structure and strategy to prevent overspending, which, in tandem with stellar creatives, allows for effective performance and new-to-brand purchases.

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Display Ads

One of the most under-utilized placements within AMS, we leverage all aspects available in terms of audiences: From lookalike; to in-market; to secondary market; to retargeting. These are then tested against varying creative and copy iterations to hone in on a profitable ACoS.

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Amazon Streaming TV

ECG has access to premium inventory across the Prime Video channels which offers viewable impressions across platforms like HBO, A&E, BBC, and Food Network. These are available through Fire TV devices, smart TVs, and Prime Video.


Here's what separates ECG from the rest.

Something magical happens when you work with an agency who has managed $100MM in Amazon Ads spend, developed in-house technologies, and has the most advanced methodologies and strategies.

Experience The Difference
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1. Vetted Experience

ECG isn't an agency learning on your dollar. We've managed over $100MM in Amazon Ads ad spend.

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2. AdSignal™

Our internally developed tool allows us to forecast on-platform ad costs to be surgical with timing of content and campaigns, budgets, and machine learning.

3. BigBrain™

Working in tandem with AdSignal™, BigBrain™ is our machine learning neural engine. Working 24/7/365, BigBrain™ is constantly monitoring your

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4. The Playground™

The most scientific testing framework, campaign-building and management system, The Playground™ is the most advanced media buying system, and no one else comes even close.

Featured Case Studies

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Amazon Ads Testimonials

Real Clients. Real Results.

Want to be on this wall?

"The results speak for themselves"

This review is incredibly easy to leave. Working with ECG has shown us what a good advertising agency looks like. My team is personable, on top of things, and wildly talented. Taking a look at our ad account before we started working with ECG and after they took over, well the results speak for themselves.

Shelly Atkinson
CEO of T3Gear

"We couldn't be happier"

When we hired ECG to take over our advertising, we were in a really bad place. Our previous agency were consistently underperforming and blamed everything on creative and iOS issues. Since working with ECG we've seen an incredible lift in performance -- using the same creatives, mind you -- and we couldn't be happier.

Caroline MacDougall
CEO of Teeccino

"Nothing short of incredible"

These guys are the real deal. There's no other way to put it. Daniel and his team are nothing short of incredible; always going the extra mile. They have truly become an indispensable addition to our marketing efforts.

Jeff Snyder
Director of eCommerce, iFixit
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