Epona Valley

How we helped a luxury fashion brand's ROAS go from 0.65 to 2.71X

Epona Valley came to ECG seeking to improve the performance of their Facebook & Instagram Ads

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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Project Timeline

2019 - 2022

Increased in ROI revenue

How we helped a luxury fashion brand's ROAS go from 0.65 to 2.71X

Project Overview

With a very strong retail presence and celebrity endorsements, Epona Valley was finding their online retail sales falling behind the growth experienced in brick-and-mortar.

They retained ECG to help with expanding their online presence and making EponaValley.com a profitable channel for the organization.

Project Execution

Leveraging the strong company history, success, and press coverage, ECG created a strong foundational funnel-centric approach to their Facebook and Google ad strategy.

By using a combination of strategic lookalike audiences and layered interest-based targeting, adjusting retargeting windows, and deployment of cost-cap and value-based campaigns, ROAS was strong from the initial launch and continued while scaling ad spend.


Within the first 30 days ROAS popped from a struggling 0.65X to 2.71X.

Impression and frequency caps were also recognized allowing the brand to maximize the utility of creatives thereby reducing the cost associated with production and other creatives.This cost savings was re-routed back into ad spend to further push revenue.

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