Tips To Scale Your Google Ads Campaign

Tips To Scale Your Google Ads Campaign

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Running pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google is a great way to stimulate growth in your business. In any marketing campaign, it’s essential to not only focus on growth, but also scalability. Check out our favorite techniques to scale your Google Ads campaign. We will cover:

  • Separating goals
  • Leveraging audience lists
  • Monitoring search query reports
  • Testing ad copy
  • Building keyword opportunities
  • Keeping data clean

Separating Goals

When a company builds its keyword strategy and develops its PPC ad campaign in Google Ads Manager, it’s vital to construct separate goals. Separate them by setting a new customer acquisition or non-brand goal. This way, the company sends the message of “I am willing to pay X amount of dollars to acquire a new customer.”

Having a separate non-brand goal is a valuable use of resources for brands in case branded terms do not scale as quickly as expected. In fact, they act as an anchor, holding back non-branded campaigns.

Leveraging Audience Lists

Audience lists are critical to optimize for the proper scaling of Google Ad campaigns. Segmenting audiences is beneficial in every digital marketing campaign business run—this is also true in the case of PPC campaigns. Segment your users into different lists to better target and convert. Here are a few examples of user lists to build:

  • Search abandoners
  • Cart abandoners
  • Product page visitors
  • Previous purchasers
  • Repeat customers

Monitoring Search Query Reports

Something that many companies forget about is how valuable monitoring search query reports can be. Actively keeping tabs on the actual search queries and building out additional keyword opportunities can help you refine your efforts and minimize waste.

Testing Ad Copy

Test out ad copy by serving different versions to similar audiences. Monitoring the performance of the ad copy can provide valuable insights into the way your target audience prefers to receive communication. Testing ad copy leads to better click-through rates and a more engaged audience.

Building Keyword Opportunities

Building keyword opportunities for your business results in a Google Ads campaign that can grow steadily with your company.

Leveraging a dynamic search ad campaign allows businesses to crawl their websites and look for dynamic ads for keywords that are not yet built out. It helps identify which keywords are valuable when you’re looking to increase your ad spend.

Keeping Data Clean

Although often overlooked, keeping your Google Ads data clean is the most valuable thing to do when looking to scale your campaign. Keeping data clean helps eliminate waste. When you know exactly where everything is coming into an account, you can make more informed decisions.

Looking under the hood in the search query report shows vital data which may look different than one may assume. Doing this keeps you informed about what searches are going where in an account so that you can understand what’s working and address what isn’t with accuracy.

There are many techniques to scale your Google Ads campaign. Here at ECG, we pride ourselves on our commitment to transparency with our clients. We have tons of experience running PPC ads on Google for our clients. Contact us today to see what a PPC management company can do for you.

Tips To Scale Your Google Ads Campaign

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